Millennials can motivate, but can we take action after Magnetize Maine?

The short answer—of course.

The packed room at Bangor’s Hilton Garden Inn last Friday proved that people of all ages (and especially young Mainers) care about the vitality of our state.

Speakers were engaging and funny, discussions at round tables between friends and strangers were thought-provoking and there was delicious food. And beer! The event closed with a tasting featuring several local breweries.

Topics discussed included supporting incentives for young people to stay—such as financial policies for first-time homebuyers, participating in local organizations and local government and promoting the stories and experiences of what makes Maine so uniquely wonderful.

The long answer—is still of course. However, as discussed at Magnetize Maine, it will require the passion and enthusiasm that was generated at the Summit to be steady and long-term.

This requires dedication and hard work.

In a room full of inspiration, I found this fact to be rather disheartening. Especially when I considered my own blog.

Even if it is for a fleeting moment, I question every week if I should keep writing this blog. Success today is largely measured by Facebook likes and website subscribers. While I build my platform, these numbers for me are relatively low. And in some respect, I don’t really care. I care mostly about writing something where I can express myself and connect with those around me.

And yet—I find myself obsessively checking views on my articles and telling Bryce about the zillionth book idea I have that I have yet to start writing. Both are stinging reminders that I am not immune to the need for instant gratification—the need that plagues many of my fellow Millennials.

I think of this characteristic and sigh when I realize how it is not conducive to making long-term changes that will move Maine forward.

And yet, as I type away, I wonder if I write a blog post every time I think about giving up—maybe that will build up my writer’s work ethic and routine. Maybe sitting down once a week to write a few hundred words will one day lead me to write a few hundred pages.

Maybe if I get involved with local organizations and local government every time my future in this state seems bleak, I will take enough steps that seem small and insignificant and begin to get somewhere.



Rebecca Reisman

About Rebecca Reisman

My name is Rebecca Reisman. I am an aspiring writer. While I love being a Mainer, it can be challenging as a twenty-something year old to find incentives to stay in a state with a declining population and fewer opportunities. But I love it here. That’s what this blog is about; exploring and connecting to my new community in downtown Bangor while finding a way to settle down in my beloved home state.